Sunday, 11 September 2011

Keyboard Gangster

Girls, It's been a while since my last rant. So here goes. The internet is something I have taken FULL advantage of and used as a platform for my work. It's something that is very easily accessible to all so really helps push your career in the right direction when used correctly, In no way shape or form am I a keyboard gangster, The personality I portray on facebook, this blog, twitter - IT'S ALL ME. Be Real girls! I am a pretty big personality that probably comes across on here I would imagine more so in real life, But you can't be one person in the cyber world and another in reality. Social skills play a HUGE part in every day life and if you lack in them, then you truly will lack in the harsh world of modelling. 

Get REAL Honey

Just Saying


Here's the REAL Me

Photographer: David Stanton
MUA Jacquie Bruin
Hair Danielle @ Glamlocks

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