Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Girl Behind The Model

So I received an email from someone who will remain anonymous, asking where I want to be in ten years time, and who the girl really is behind the model? It got me thinking, Maybe its time to get really up close and personal.

My name is Lauren Elizabeth Andrew, my real friends call me La, I was born on the 24th of June 1992, Yes, that makes me just turned 19. Pretty young for a girl with so much to say? I am the creative director of INAA.COM, most people ask me what I do at INAA, Truth be told my position couldn't actually be defined. I started working for INAA about 14 months ago. I was asked to be the new face of the company, sort of ambassador if you like. When they realised I had a brain, everything changed and the job soon turned into a sales rep position, then a more admin based role, then I ran the INAA office and managed everyone in it. After I cam back from Australia, I was then promoted to Creative director, where I directly assist both of the managing directors to whatever they want from me that specific day, wether it be with marketing, advertising, expansion plans, event planning, debt collecting you name it i've done it! In 14 months I have learned so much & I am so grateful for the opportunity I have been given!

I live at home with my two little sisters and Mum, My Dad lives in Manchester with my step mum and two little brothers. All together I have 4 siblings, 2 divorced parents and one step mum. I moved out when I was 16 into a flat on Fox Street in Glasgow's City Centre, I lived there for 8 months before moving out and crawling back to home cooked meals and Mum doing my washing!

 I'm not a disco kisser, in any way shape or form. Disco kisser means 'going up eh dancin' for a winch' Nope, not me, never have been never will be, don't really get the point in slobbering all over a total stranger and then walking away, equally one night stands are a no go. I would be the clingy bird that wakes up with the guilt and claims she loves the poor guy. Na, that whole thing just ain't my game! This is no doubt why I've been in an on/off relationship with my currently ON boyfriend Mr Adam Light since we first kissed when I was 13!! He's been hanging about like a bad smell ever since. Old habits die hard I guess, but thankfully this time round theres a few less hormones and a lot less mental-ness. Its safe to say I am pretty loved up as it currently stands. TOUCH WOOD.

I am an atheist, I want to believe in something but for now The Secret keeps my mind entertained! My hero is my Papa, I miss him every day. Truly the coolest guy I ever knew & the biggest influence in my whole life. I'm trying to learn not to regret anything thats happened so far as it's got me to where I am, but that's a pretty hard one to grasp as there is so much I would LOVE to change, but I guess i'll have to put it down to experience. My biggest weakness is Hello Kitty, I'm pretty mad for it. I love coffee and most things I shouldn't, slowly but surely I am becoming more boring and letting each and every one of my vices go. I am looking forward to Success and travelling the world. My next holiday destination will be Thailand. Natural Highs such as SKY DIVING are on the bucket list for sure. I have recently started thinking about getting into acting again. I used to Sing, but haven't publicly since my Papa passed away. 

In ten years, that would make me 29, I want to have written a novel and a children's book. I want to OWN 2 pieces of property, I want to succeed in whatever I'm chasing as a model. I want to own my own company. I want to have driven route 66, I want a ring on my finger!! To at least be THINKING about having kids! I want to have done SOMETHING Incredible with my life and know I have made a difference in someway. I want my Mum to meet someone that deserves her. I want to still be the 'cool' sister to my siblings & Ultimately be a better person than I am today. I'm sure in the next ten years alot will change and my hopes and dreams will too. But as long as theres a smile on my face most of the time & i'm healthy, It'll be all good.

To everyone that already knew all of the above, I truly wouldn't be able to do this without you. For the people that really CARE & are reading this smiling instead of using it as something to talk about, I love you. & For the haters, There is a reason you are reading this! ALL PRESS IS GOOD PRESS BABY SO KEEP TALKIN'


Let the Good Time's Roll

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