Monday, 12 September 2011


So I recently met with one of I C O W's Director's Claire Stuart To discuss the up and coming event! 

Hey Claire! Can You tell us what I T C O W Stands for?

Hello Lauren! ITCOW stands for In the Company of Wolves, it's a multimedia fashion show created as a platform for independent talent based in Scotland - directed by myself and my partner in crime Ally Turnbull.

What Is I T C O W & Is the Fore-coming Event Your 1st?

 The show has been going for 2 years, our premier show starting last April in the Sub Club. Since the first show we've gone on to win a Scottish Event Award (another nomination pending!) as well as collaborating with Glasgow Film Festival for Pyuupiru with an after party with Pam Hogg. Our boutique style events are themed - taking influence from everything from German expressionism, David Lynch, dark fairytales, Japanese pop culture...and more recently 70's b-movie horror and William Castle. 

Where Will The Next Event Be Held?

This will be our fourth event, returning to the Sub Club after our event with the film festival at the CCA. As with any event there is always an element of fire fighting. We can plan and plan as much as possible but there will always be something that goes wrong on the night - nothing hummongous but a few technical hitches that were smoothed over. You learn from your mistakes and helps you deal with the problems as in when they happen. For us though as long as the people have enjoyed the show and the designers get more awareness raised about their brand we're happy. We've met soo many amazing people and with all the talent in Glasgow it's been a complete delight working on show after show.

What Designers will be Showcasing?

Designers we're keeping hush hush and leaking them over facebook but confirmed we have Fair Feathered Friend, LilyLoveLock, Bonnie Bling and Isolated Heroes. We've got in total 15 designers showcasing this year so you can follow our progress on our facebook!

Well I personally can't wait! BRING IT ON.

Good Luck To The Whole Team
& YOU ALL Should Get Down & See The Show, As Claire said follow the progress & be the first to know all the ins and outs on the facebook page

Maybe you'll even get to see your truly Strutting her Stuff Down The Runway
Peace & Love

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