Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hooker Heels Day To Day

Originally from Glasgow but currently taking the big smoke BY STORM, The very Busy & Talented Ms Leeann Soki Mak took out the time to answer a few questions for me!  

I think its MEGA important to support each other in our careers and this one has my back 1000%. After shooting with Ms Mak I finally understood, The girl has something SPECIAL going on.. Let's See what she had to say for herself!

Hello Leeann! Can you describe to everyone WHAT YA DO?

I hate saying I'm a stylist as I feel i do more than that but to be easy I'm a fashion stylist and consultant and freelance jewellery designer. I'm working on one off pieces that will be commissioned for music videos and magazines. 

How did you kick start your career?

 I was at university studying fashion design and I just felt it wasn't right for me at the time. I interned at Vivienne Westwood and just made sure i got to know everything about the fashion industry, I then met a stylist, Stevie Westgarth who I assisted for 7 months. He taught me everything I needed to know,I wasn't sure when I knew I would be ready to leave but I started getting work and just felt I could do it myself! Here I am now!

What makes you different from every other WANNABE?

 I don't ever bullshit. Never. Everyone and their mum claims to be a stylist,designer,singer and producer these days and people forget the industry is actually so small. I've started from the very bottom and experienced the amazing highs but the awful lows which push me each and everyday to make sure I'm moving forward each day. I don't really bother about 'wannabe's' anymore as they will always be found out!

Can you pinpoint the highlight of your career so far?

 I can't pin point anything but I receive regular emails from girls telling me they admire me and my work. Oh and when people I looked up when I was younger know my work!

After the blood sweat and tears, are you finally in a place you want to be?

Definitely not even near it yet! 

Whats the plans for the future?

Take over the world! Not kidding.

What do you prefer doing? Styling or desiging?

My ultimate passion lies in design but I will always style.

If you could change one thing about the fashion world what would it be?

The attitude that goes with it. I've worked with so many people that feel if they shout,scream,bitch then people will respect them.

Whats the BIG dream?

I go through this scenario in my head all the time but I will be living In my beautiful boutique style home in london, have an inbuilt studio where I can work from, a beautiful little dog, a fashion empire under my belt and be able to create jobs for my family and friends so we can all enjoy it together. The most important thing is that I'm happy.

When can we see some of your designs?

 Definitely In the next few months, don't worry I'll be sure to blog,tweet and scream about it check (a little self promotion there)

Have you got anything exciting coming up?

Yes I will be in the next issue of I-d magazine which is exciting as I've never been infront of the camera, I'm also on Radio 1xtra during fashion week giving fashion tips and answering any questions.
Work wise Just been confirmed for some big projects but you'll have to follow the blog to keep updated 

Who's your favourite ESTABLISHED designer?

I don't have a favourite but I love Pam Hogg, Vivienne Westwood, Osman Yousefzada,Craig Lawrence, Louise Gray, Moschino and Versace.

What inspires you?

 Everything around me inspires me,Its quite annoying actually, I'll be in shopping for food and I'll see a certain colour next to a colour and something just sparks in my brain and I have to leave and go and write it down.

Is there any up and coming designers you think we should keep an eye out for?

 Yes I'm a huge fan of working with emerging designers but definitely keep an eye out for Angela Brandys, Nova Chiu, Lara Jensen and Claire Barrow to name a few!




Leeann. Your a Doll

Below in some of Leeann's AH MAZING Work. In The Words of Rachel Zoe, I DIE

Leeann's not only going to be in I.D She was featured in Japanese Nylon


Peace & Loving Soki Mak

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